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Increased Consumer Reviews of Their Credit Will Pay Dividends to Creditors

Nearly half of all consumers monitored their credit information in the past year. This trend is expected to grow and that is good news for you. The more a consumer checks their credit the greater are your opportunities to recover debts previously stalled in debt collection.

Easier access is the major cause of this upturn in credit monitoring. A consumer can call, write or go on the Internet for a review of their credit. All credit reporting agencies are required to provide consumers a full report on request of the consumer once per year or after credit has been denied. Most consumers choose free sources.

Credit monitoring has also been improved because, Fair Isaac has made it easier for consumers to understand their credit scores. There are almost 20 credit scoring models available to businesses and all of them are now explained for free. Knowing what items on a credit report are causing the most harm to the credit score helps consumers focus on the most significant problems. Debt collection reports are very significant since this information will have additional consumers contacting the debt collection agency.

Still, a full 35 percent of adult consumers say they have never checked their credit. The numbers are even higher with consumers over 50 and under 30. These age groups, however, have traditionally been less collectible. Still, while less of them check credit compared to the 30 to 50 age group, these numbers are also rising.

This can help you improve your bottom line, but it will only work if you make sure a debt collection agency has the consumer listed as a debt collection account. This listing will significantly lower credit scores except for medical collections of under one hundred dollars. Consumers who monitor credit are trying to improve their scores and resolving your debt will dramatically improve their rating.

The most common attempt by a consumer to ‘fix’ your problem listing is to dispute the bill. A qualified debt collection agency will not only validate the debt to keep it on the credit bureau report, it will contact the consumer to try and resolve the debt with a payment plan.

In addition consumers provide their address information with all disputes and this will allow a debt collection agency to correct any old address information on file. With new address information a collection agency can reactivate closed files for new debtor contact or even to proceed with legal remedies.

Combined with increased efficiency of search engines to locate people, jobs, bank accounts and other assets, this increased attention by consumers to their credit reports means more payments and, if that doesn’t work, continued legal activity.

All you have to do to reap the benefit of this increase in consumer activity is to make sure your collection agency is reporting your claims under your name. It is almost no work at all.

Free lunch, anybody?


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Executive Credit Management is a full-service Debt Collection and Applicant Screening agency with over 20 years experience located in Central New Jersey. We provide excellent service in the following areas: Employment Screening, Business Screening, and Tenant Screening. Executive Credit Management belongs to a number of Skip Tracing databases and offers services to help locate and confirm the current address of missing debtors. Other services provided are: litigation evaluation on all lawsuit decisions, improvement of the quality of the applicant data, Lawsuit Monitoring, Handling of Debtor Disputes. Executive Credit Management features the best Call Monitoring System in the Debt Collection industry.

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