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The Change to Friendly Debt Collection

We all like it when the Hero, filled with the common sense we all treasure, wins out against the aggressive bully. We all have an innate belief that aggression is wrong and compassion is good. Well, according to a survey from the American Collection Association, Debt Collection Agencies are finding out that compassion also gets more bills paid. 

This has absolutely nothing to do with personal opinions about the honesty or integrity of the consumer. It is entirely about collecting money.

You can think of this as a win-win-win situation. People who owe money are treated with respect, the collection gets more money paid and you get bigger checks from your debt collection agency.

There is a second, less obvious but substantial benefit to the kinder treatment of consumers. If you are concerned about law suits caused by your aggressive Debt Collection Agency, you will be happy to know that a friendlier consumer contact is available from more agencies each year. You have lots of choices if you want to limit the aggravation that comes from involvement with a law suit from an angry consumer.

The reason for many of the agencies to change is to avoid this constant stream of law suits from angry consumers. There are more complaints about debt collectors than anybody else and new laws and regulations make collectors an easy target.

What these collection agencies will discover is that the new, kinder techniques work better. Nobody likes owing money and nobody likes to be threatened. Many people who owe money, however, are eager to find a way out of their financial problems.

An aggressive collection agent tries to collect through intimidation and fear. This works well with some senior citizens and uninformed consumers but, at the same time, infuriates knowledgeable consumers. More consumers will pay quickly but more will not even talk to the agent. Some will litigate.

It is all about attitude. The agent can get better results from treating consumers with respect. A collection agent who has the attitude that the person owing the money needs assistance rather than scolding will have a better relationship and, therefore, a much better possibility of working out a payment plan. The possibility of litigation drops substantially.

While the consumer will benefit by working with the friendly collection agent to pay an old bill, most of the benefits will be yours. If you choose to use a friendly agency, you will benefit twice. First, you can expect a significant reduction in the litigation risk associated with aggressive collection practices. Second, and even more important, you can collect more of the debt you send to the agency.

Even if a collection agent thinks the consumer is not telling the truth they must treat the consumer with respect. It gets the job done better and everybody wins.

You don’t have to hurt people to get them to pay. Most consumers pay more when treated respectfully. The bottom line is a better bottom line for your company.


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Executive Credit Management is a full-service Debt Collection and Applicant Screening agency with over 20 years experience located in Central New Jersey. We provide excellent service in the following areas: Employment Screening, Business Screening, and Tenant Screening. Executive Credit Management belongs to a number of Skip Tracing databases and offers services to help locate and confirm the current address of missing debtors. Other services provided are: litigation evaluation on all lawsuit decisions, improvement of the quality of the applicant data, Lawsuit Monitoring, Handling of Debtor Disputes. Executive Credit Management features the best Call Monitoring System in the Debt Collection industry.

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