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Medical Debt Collection Services

Collecting a lot of money for our Medical Clients is a good start, but we know our Clients need more than that to be happy with a Collection Agency. Medical offices are extremely busy and dealing with urgent situations. The last thing they need is a Collection Agency calling them, e-mailing them or faxing them for information the agent should know. That’s why we make it our business to know about our Medical Clients, Insurance plans and time limits. What we do very well is to take a pile of paperwork off your desk and send you a regular stream of payments without disrupting your day. 

We can also help you reduce the number of angry patients you have to deal with our easy, quick and free 4-step program. You’ll like what it does and it will actually increase your collections with a few one time changes to your paperwork.

Our clients: 

Our largest Medical Client is Sports Care with over 20 separate locations in New Jersey and New York. We not only turned piles of paperwork into money for them, we gave them a payment system that fit seamlessly into their bookkeeping. Best of all, we didn’t annoy them with constant calls about their claims.

Even if you are a single location or a single Doctor, we will do the same for you. We will talk to the patients, the Insurance Company’s and the attorneys so you don’t have to. We offer both Contingent Collections where we only charge if we collect and Fixed Fee Collections where you can get a bill paid for as little as $12.50.


We don’t take short cuts in our collection effort and that leads to more collections. We do skip tracing where it is possible to locate patients who have moved away, we contact patients by phone with live agents instead of auto-dialers and we carefully manage our patient contact for best results.

Most of the time, we do all this without calling you, emailing you or faxing you for information. We respect your time and your commitment to your practice.

The Medical industry is extremely diverse and that is reflected in the information each client can provide. Some of our Clients rely on a Hospital to provide information while others can create their own applications and contracts. Either way, we can help In particular, if you use your own application and contract, we can help you make a few small changes to significantly improve your debt collection return. If you rely on outside sources, we have strategies to help you get more from our collection efforts.

  • Get Started Today Get Started Today We can help protect your business, let's start the process today.

Debt Collection Services

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