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Real Estate Debt Collection Services

We don’t merely know Collections, we know tenants.

Tenants make very difficult debtors. They can be so difficult to deal with, many Agencies refuse to accept Realty collections. Many others accept the work but have trouble dealing with all the anger, rage, despair and misunderstanding they have to confront. We do it all day so it’s just business as usual to us.

We read our Client’s leases and understand them. We constantly train our Collectors to effectively move out of an adversarial position and into a cooperative situation. We explain to your x-tenant the difference between "right" and "legal". As a result, we collect more money for our Clients than anybody they ever used, period.

We help our clients improve their collections by making a few small changes in their Application process. This also helps them select better tenants so the number of claims they have to send us decreases.

We do a lot of skip tracing and we do it more than once where it is needed. We also trace on a variety of available Internet sites that other Agencies ignore, such as social media.

We provide both management and financial customization to meet the needs of either small or large Realty Clients. We provide anytime access to up to date Status Reports and a wide variety of reports to help Clients analyze our productivity. Most important of all, we are always available to our Clients.

Our clients: 

We started out in New Jersey. While there are quite a few Collection Agencies in New Jersey, over half of the top 25 members of the New Jersey Apartment Association are our clients, including a number of organization Presidents. At this time, we have about as many Apartments in Pennsylvania, many of whom belong to the Greater Philadelphia Apartment Association. We have Clients as far away as Arizona.

We have hundreds of Realty Clients, primarily in the Middle Atlantic States but as far away as Florida or Arizona. We routinely collect between 25 and 35 percent for those clients who verify employment and review a credit bureau report. Our worst case for collections is the client who is forced to fill apartments with whoever they find, but, even here we collect about ten percent. If there is a Co-Signer with a job or assets we collect almost everything.

  • Get Started Today Get Started Today We can help protect your business, let's start the process today.

Debt Collection Services

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